Monday, 30 June 2008

First Blog - welcome!

The idea behind this blog is to encourage feedback (positive and negative) from users.

I have been 'meaning to get around' to this for quite some time and would like to thank resource contributors Ginette and Amanda for their enouragement to get started.

Activity on the site will be slowing down over the summer but please use this Blog as a place to discuss, or get help with, with any site-related or Skills for Life topics.

Here's a few suggestions to get you started!

  • Resources you love!
  • Resources that didn't work for you / your learners
  • Amusing student stories
  • How you have used / adapted resources for your own learner groups
  • Resources you would like to see on site
  • Resources you have used but now can't find on the site
  • Vocational topics you would like to see covered in the contextualised resource area
  • Functional skills
  • How you would improve the site
  • Why you have never sent in a contribution
  • Why you have sent in contributions

Hope to hear from you soon...


Anonymous said...

Hi - love the new Blog. Can't find the beach mind mapping resource. Can you help?

Maggie said...

Yes (and what a topical subject for such a lovely sunny day!).
It's listed on the General Study Skills and Teaching Resources page at (under the Study Skills section).
I've included a copy of the site listing description below (originally posted on the site in June 2006). I would have liked to have included a picture too but am still new to this Blog and haven't yet worked out if I can put a picture in a reply.

An introduction to mind mapping - planning a beach holiday. Fabulous multi-sensory resource for introducing mind mapping to learners at all levels. Includes teaching instructions, keys words and images (best laminated), sample mind map, sample report writing exercise based on mind map, and a very useful handout: 'How to Mind Map'. Contributed by Ruth Wood, Nottingham.

ginette said...

Hi Maggie

I am glad that we can leave our comments here. I must thank you (on behalf of those who don't) for the work that you put into this site. It must take hours of dedication.

...and best of all I beat Amanda with my blog!