Monday, 30 June 2008

Be careful what you wish for ...

Last week I came across a fascinating, rather alarming and very readable paper on the Canadian literacies online site (Issue 8, Spring 2008)
It's written by James Simpson, University of Leeds, and I recommend having a good read especially if you: teach ESOL, hate unnecessary paperwork, and/or don't believe ESOL is a "Skill for Life".
Skills for Life in England, Wales and Northern Ireland or Be careful what you wish for
It's also available as a
PDF and, apparently, there is a forthcoming book.


Judith W said...

What a great idea to have a blog - I've bookmarked it in my Favourites. It will be good to have somewhere to share opinions and articles.

Chris Jackson said...

Hi Maggie

It's great to come across your blog, and I wish you good luck with it. I've read James' article and find a lot to agree with, even without the ESOL perspective. Maybe that's why I like to deliver my literacy and numeracy teaching though Additional Learning Support.


Maggie said...

Hi Chris - good to hear from you. Your Skills for Life Blog was one of the things that pushed me to start one of my own. It just took me 2 years longer than you to get going!
When you say ‘… delivered through Additional Learning Support’ do you mean that you don’t have to complete lots of unnecessary paper work if you work one to one with students (rather than teaching class groups)?
If so – I’m envious - lucky you!