Thursday, 3 July 2008

On screen tests for Entry Level 3

Thanks to site contributor Ruth who alerted me to the on-screen tests now available from Edexcel for Entry Level 3.

Two literacy and two numeracy practice versions are available at
I've tried out one of each and they appear to be robust and challenging. Each test has 30 multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 26. The time allowed is 1 hour. The layout and navigation tools are very clear: learners can flag questions to return to later and, after marking, can go back and review any questions they got wrong.

The numeracy test has an on-screen calculator for several questions.

The literacy test is based on six short texts (5 questions per text) and interestingly states that it is only a reading test and that learners will also have to do speaking & listening and writing tests (not available on-screen).


Mango said...

This passmark is 87%!. We have known several students who could not pass this but on the next day passed a numeracy Level 1 test.

Maggie said...

Hmm, I agree there does seem to be a discrepancy here Mango. I'm not sure what the pass rate is on the L1 and L2 tests but I think it's around 60% for L1 and even lower for L2?
The sooner everyone moves from Adult Numeracy to Functional Skills Maths the better as far as I'm concerned!